Given the potential opportunities and threats within the strategic planning period and the identified urgency created by the various trends emanating from elements of the environment, and given the focus of its mission to promote the rule of law as a basis for democratic governance in East Africa, and its commitment to promote the accessibility of justice for all in East Africa, EAMJA commits itself to the achievement of the following strategic objectives within the next five years.

  • To develop, promote, and protect the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour among judicial officers
  • To harmonise judicial practice in East Africa
  • To promote and protect the independence of the judiciaries
  • To advocate for the improvement and maintaining of competitive terms of service, and conducive working environment for judicial officers
  • To enhance faster dispensation of justice through the development, promotion and maintenance of high standards of performance by judicial officers
  • To build a fraternity of judicial officers in East Africa
  • To develop the institutional base of EAMJA through development of and adherence to management, and administrative policies
  • To network with other players concerned with similar vision and objectives