The programmes, which EAMJA will seek to implement in order to carry out its mission, are based on its identified objectives for the next five years of its programmatic operation. EAMJA will focus on four major programs:

  • Policy and Legislative Advocacy Program
  • Capacity Building and Institutional Development Program
  • Access to Justice
  • Democracy and Human Rights

Policy and Legislative Advocacy Program

Under this program the EAMJA will seek to influence policy formulation, interpretation, improvement and effective implementation in the areas targeted by all its objectives. This program would hence involve activities such as research in relevant policy areas, workshops and other forums for discussion of policy issues and consensus and coalition building on desired policy direction, information dissemination and lobbying. Impact indicators for this program would be such as policy and legislative shift in desired direction, effective policy implementation in targeted areas and positive change in practice as a result of effective policy implementation.

Program Objectives

For the next three years, this program will target the realization of three strategic objectives:

  • To promote judicial policy and legislative development and reform for the harmonization of judicial practice in EA

  • To promote administrative judicial policy reforms for the creation of appropriate working conditions for judicial officers in EA

  • To promote administrative judicial policy reform for the enhancement of the integrity of judicial officers, and the protection of the independence of the judiciary

  • To promote increased information generation, flow and dissemination within judiciaries and across borders and create public awareness on judicial issues relevant to them in order to remove the shroud of mystery around the court process that facilitates corruption and intimidates people coming to the courts to seek justice