Hon. Keitirima John Eudes, President
Hon. Keitirima John Eudes Bio

President E.A.M.J.A-2022-2024. Judge of the High Court/Head of the Family Division of the High Court. Has been a Judicial Officer for the last 28 years rising from the rank of Grade One Magistrate to Judge of the High Court.

Hon. Lady Justice Sophia Wambura, Immediate Past President (IPP)
Hon. Lady Justice Sophia Wambura Bio

IPP EAMJA has currently retired from Public Service. When elected into office in 2019 I was serving as Judge In Charge of the Labour Division of the High Court of Tanzania. Was a Judge of the High Court of Tanzania from May 2008 to October 2021. Was also the only female who served as the Registrar of The Court of Appeal of Tanzania (before engaging the services of Court Administrators) By then I had served as the Senior Deputy Registrar of the High Court and Court of Appeal from 2003 to 2007, Deputy Regustrar of the High Court 2009 to 2003, Resident Magistrate Grade III to Principal Resident Magistrate Grade 1 1984 to 1999.Apart from adjudicating , mediatiating and the administrative roles I undertook various trainings in Judicial Administration, Case Management, Financial Planning and Management as well as a number of Trainings of Trainers in Judicial Ethics, Human Rights and Gender, Juvenile Justice , International Labour Standards and Judgement Writing. I am now a Legal Consultant, Registered Arbitrator and Trainer. Apart from being a member of EAMJA having serve in the Executive Councils in 2017/9 as well as 2003/4, I am also a Member of International Association of Women Judges, (IAWJ) Commonwealth Magistrares and Judges Association (CMJA) , Judges and Magistrates Association of Tanzania,(JMAT) Tanganyika Law Society( TLS) , Tanzania Women Judges Association, (TAWJA) and Tanzania Women Lawyers Association, (TAWLA).

Hon. Justice Nzioki Wa Makau, Vice President
Hon. Justice Nzioki Wa Makau Bio

Hon. Mr. Justice Nzioki wa Makau is a Judge in the Employment & Labour Relations Court and is currently based in Nairobi. He has served as a judge since 12th July 2012. He holds a Masters Degree (LLM) from the Northwestern College of Law Lewis & Clark College, Portland Oregon USA . He is a passionate defender of wildlife. He has served on various Committees in the Judiciary and is the Immediate past chair of the Mount Kenya Region branch of the Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KMJA). He was working as is the Treasurer EAMJA since 2019 before he elected as Vice President EAMJA in 2022.

Hon. Dr. Angelo K. Rumisha, J Secretary General
Hon. Dr. Angelo K. Rumisha Bio

He is a Judge of the High Court of Tanzania. Also, he is the Head of the Judiciary Delivery Unit, which oversees judicial reforms in Tanzania. Before assuming the role of Judge, he served the Judiciary of Tanzania in several key positions, including Deputy Registrar and Resident Magistrate In charge. His dedication to the field of law extends beyond the courtroom, as he has also imparted his legal knowledge as a lecturer at St. Augustine University of Tanzania and the Institute of Judicial Administration-Lushoto. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master of Laws (LL.M), and a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree.

Hon. Hon. Stella Okwong Paculal, Deputy Secretary General
Hon. Stella Okwong Paculal Bio

Hon. Stella Okwong Paculal Her Worship Stella Okwong Paculal is a Senior Principle Magistrate Grade One from Uganda. Been in the Judiciary 9 years; has experience in determining disputes in criminal, land, civil and family matters. She is passionate about justice for women and children. She is the current EAMJA Deputy Secretary General

Hon. Murererehe Souda, Treasurer
Hon. Murererehe Souda Bio

Hon. Dr. Lilian Itemba,
Deputy Treasurer
Hon. Dr. Lilian Itemba Bio

Lilian Jonas Itemba is the Judge of the High Court of Tanzania currently based in Mwanza. Formerly a Principal State Attorney at the National Prosecutions Services where for over 15 years she was involved in public prosecutions of fraud cases and criminal asset recovery. Apart from public prosecutions, she also represented the government in diverse legal matters. She coordinated investigation in different Criminal Justice organs including the Police Force, Wildlife Departments, Anti-Drugs Unit and Anti-Corruption Bureau. Lilian was also engaged in coordination of investigation and prosecution in some of wildlife cases. She worked with academic institutions including The Law School of Tanzania where she facilitated seminars to Law students for several years. She has also served as a member of different bodies in universities. Lilian holds an LL.B degree (Tumaini University, 2004) an LL.M degree (Vrije University, the Netherlands, 2008) and certificate in Environmental Management Law (SIT, New Zealand, 2016).

Hon. Mohammed Sheikh Wehliye, Publicity Secretary
Hon. Mohammed Sheikh Wehliye Bio

Head of Station, Eldas Law Court Wajir County, Kenya, Serving Secretary Publicity secretary, EAMJA. Holder of LLB University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences , Sudan , and LLM Omdudman Islamic University, Khartom Sudan . Current and former member of various judicial committees, Kenya Judiciary. Former Chairman of Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KMJA ) Northern Regio. Former deputy Secretary General of EAMJA.

Justice Umugwareza Geraldine
Deputy Publicity Secretary
Hon. Umugwareza Geraldine Bio

Hon. Yohane Massara, EACJ Representative
Hon. Yohane Massara Bio

Hon. Ilvin Mugeta, CMJA Representative
Hon. Ilvin Mugeta Bio

Hon. Kutto Derrick, President, KMJA
Hon. Kutto Derrick Bio

Hon. John Kahyoza, President, JMAT
Hon. John Kahyoza Bio

Hon. Justice Kadigwa Gashongore, President RJRA
Hon. Justice Kadigwa Gashongore Bio

Hon. Tadeo Assiimwe,
President UJOA
Hon. Tadeo Assiimwe, J Bio

  • NAME: Current President of UJOA Uganda chapter
  • NATIONALITY: A Ugandan
  • RESIDENCE: Uganda.
  • Chairperson National Community Service Committee
  • High Court Judge working at the Land Division as a Deputy head
  • salma-removebg-preview
    Hon. Salma Ali Hassan , President, ZAJOA
    Hon. Salma Ali Hassan Bio

  • Salma Ali Hassan, President of ZAJOA as of May 2023, joined the Bench in June 2022, prior to that she was the Director of Public Prosecutions in Zanzibar. Prior to her appointment as the DPP she had worked for the UNDP as a National Coordinator - Promoting Legal Empowerment and Access to Justice Programme.
  • Salma's law career started in 2002 after the establishment of the DPP's Office in Zanzibar as a result of the Constitutional Amendment which separated the functions and mandate of the DPP from the Attorney General's Office and she was the first Officer in Charge of Prosecutions and helped to formulate policies and procedures which allowed the prosecution services to be shifted from the Police to the Civilian Prosecutors (State Attorneys), before she had opened her own practice in 2010.
  • In 2015 Salma was appointed Commissioner for Human Rights and Good Governance, a position she held for three years leading gender, children and right to clean and safe water portfolios within the Commission.
  • Salma has a special interest in Human Rights, Access to Justice, and Prison Reform. She holds an LLB(Hons) from the International Islamic University, Malaysia (2001) and a Master of Management from the same University (2009).
  • Hon. Prisca Nyota ,
    Council Member (KE)
    Hon. Prisca Nyota Bio

    Hon. Rukundakuvuga Olivier,
    Council Member (RW)
    Hon. Rukundakuvuga Olivier Bio

    Hon. Zabibu Mpangule ,
    Council Member (TZ)
    Hon. Zabibu Mpangule Bio

    Hon. Nakutunda Janeva ,
    Council Member (UG)
    Hon. Nakutunda Janeva Bio

    Hon. Theresia Sedoyeka
    EAMJA Head of Secretariat
    Hon. Theresia Sedoyeka Bio

  • Senior Resident Magistrate employed by the Judiciary of Tanzania in June, 2012.
  • Currently working at High Court of Tanzania at Arusha as Judges Law Assistant to the High Court Judge.
  • Appointed as Office Administrator and Head of Secretariat to EAMJA since April, 2019.
  • LLM - Master of Laws in International Law with International Relations from Tumaini University-Makumira, Arusha. 2015-2017
  • LLB - Bachelor of Laws From Mzumbe University, Mbeya Campus, 2005-2008